Video Editing Montages

Most video editors have heard of using a video editing montage after they do slide conversions from 35mm films slides to the digital format. Montages are the norm, the go to method for showing slides in the digital format. Slides are placed in the order of preference, transitions are placed over the cuts where the slides change and music placed under the whole show. Presto, chango, we have a slide montage, but how many video editors use video editing montages when they are editing converted Beta, VHS or Video 8 movies? Not many, and the others have never even considered video editing montages in their non slide editing.Video editing is all about telling a story in a concise and compelling way and thereby entertaining and informing those that view your edited projects. With that thought in mind, let’s look at how video editing montages van improve your home videos. How many times have you sat through 20, 30, 40 or more minutes of home video where the camera is all over the place and all that you want to see are the family members, the dogs, etc. It happens all the time. A simple video editing montage can solve your problem and move your videos to the next level!If you want to keep the shots in live action, trim them down to just the length that shows you what you want to see and put them in the order that you want them to come up. When you are happy with the sequence put the transitions of your choice over the cuts and lay a bed of music under the sequence. You can place video editing montages between live action footage and improve the pace of your project without dropping family shots, tourist shots etc.If using live action shots does not give you the effect that you desire, consider blowing up and freezing individual shots to get the effect that you desire. It’s easy to go through 20 or 30 minutes of video and pick the good frames of relatives, friends, etc. and come up with a smooth, concise montage that will allow you to see the important shots with out all the fluff that accompanied them. Video editing montages allow you to focus in on what is important within your footage and present it in a concise and entertaining manner.Editing video montages can help you with those hours of your child’s sports videos that you have been putting off editing. Think of the possibilities. You can reduce 2 hours of your son’s high school football games to a 15 minute high-lite reel featuring your son by editing them into a montage sequence.

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